What better way to tell you what I can do, than by hearing
what my clients have to say:

The make up lesson was a revelation!  Canít wait to play with all my new
colours and techniques.  Thank you so much.
Linda Regal - Garden Designer - Virginia Water

A real life changing experience for me!  I was amazed at the range of
colours and am very excited about going shopping.  Definitely wonít be
hiding away in black!  Thank you.
Barbara Flanagan-Smith - Life coach -  Thames Ditton

Isabel is fab and inspiring!  She keeps me tuned in to the trends and
stops me making expensive mistakes!
Fiona Dawson - City Banker - Woking

One of the best things I have ever done!  Great to see what colours will
suit me and will save me lots of money.  Now I hope to buy all things
which suit me and in the right colours.  Have really enjoyed the whole
Helen Greenwood - Beauty Therapist - Camberley

Have been meaning to do this for years and now wish I hadnít waited so
long!  Knowing which colours suit me and how to wear them will
definitely help me to feel more confident and save me loads of money as
I will wear all the clothes I buy rather than buying items that do not suit
Karen Stevenson - Nutritional Therapist - Reigate

I found Isabel's Colour Consultation service invaluable.  The comments I
have received since purchasing the right colours for me have been
amazing.  A great confidence boost too!  Isabel was very professional
and personable.  I would highly recommend Isabel - particularly if you are
starting in a new job, taking new direction in your life or simply want to
improve your style and confidence!
Laura Andrews - Hotel PR Consultant - New Malden

Isabel is highly professional and an expert at what she does.  Her
consultations are fun and her enthusiasm is catching as she guides you
effortlessly through the process of discovering what suits you.  I
guarantee you will have fun learning what makes you look a million
Halina Mieczkowska - Stress Management Coach - New Malden

Thank you Isabel.  It was a pleasure to learn from you and spend time
feeling fabulous in your studio!  The knowledge youíve given me will last
a lifetime!
Rosie Tratt - Journalist - Southfields - London

Having promised myself a treat to revamp my look when I lost weight
Isabel was just what I needed.  Her warmth and intuitive approach
allowed me to embrace my 'new look' with confidence.  Just what I
needed, Isabel delivered on all counts and I highly recommend her to all.
Jenny Edwards - Stress Management Consultant - Claygate

A fabulous experience Isabel.  I am amazed at the transformation in both
my colours and my makeup and I have totally enjoyed it all.  Thank you.
Caroline Harrison - Teaching Assistant - West Molesey

Finally understand what the Ďrulesí mean!  Great to actually have the time
to go back and forth and get my own questions answered!  Lovely to do it
all with a smile too!
Jo Nicholas - Management Consultant - Camberwell, London

My wardrobe and makeup will finally get the makeover they deserve -
now I understand why certain things have never really worked.  Canít
wait to experiment!  Thanks! 
Charlie Shore - Marketing Manager - Walton on Thames

An absolute Ďmust haveí session!  Thoroughly enjoyed the shape, size
and accessories session.  Thank you very much!  You were brilliant!!!
Cornelia Raath - Business Owner - Walton on Thames

Now I can put my finger on exactly why certain clothes do not suit me
and hopefully will not keep making the same mistakes time and again! 
Really, really enjoyed our day.
Karen Stevenson - Nutritional Therapist - Reigate

The three of us had a really fun day and it was really interesting to see
how the different colours look on each of us because we were all so
different!  Looking forward to my style session already!
Kathryn Popplestone - Lash Artist & Business Owner -

Isabel had made extensive enquiries about exactly what we required and
had planned her presentation very thoroughly. She made it very relevant
to the target audience, who loved her lively, entertaining style of delivery.
She gave relevant background information and, without exception, the
delegates felt inspired by what they had heard. I would certainly
recommend Isabel to others, without hesitation.
Thalia Grant - Local Education Authority - Surrey

An absolutely delightful morning!  Isabel is lovely!  Iíve learned so much
and canít wait to shop for my new colours.
Shana Reid - Administrator - Byfeet

Thank you for finding the Ďother me.í  What a joy to be more than just
Ďmumí again.  How wonderful to enjoy shopping and clothes once again. 
I can be 44 and still have style and ROCK!!
Karen Glands - Business Owner - Walton on Thames

Hi Isabel, Just wanted to drop you a line to say a big thank you for the
style consultation.  I really enjoyed it.  Thanks for all the new online shops
you've introduced me to, too!
Ching Lee - Travel Advisor - New Malden

Isabel is very inspirational and enthusiastic which is infectious!  It will
really help me explore my colour and wardrobe options to make the most
of fashion.  It will give me so much more confidence.  Thank you!
Debbie Russell - Midwife - Southsea

Thank you so much!  Had my colours done on Monday and now had my
body shape done.  Itís been a real eye-opener.  Two very, very useful
sessions.  So nice to get an objective view and lots of new ideas for how
to dress.  Excellent!!!  Thank you!
Heather Cole - Wedding Planner -  Aldershot

Great fun!  After reading all those magazines and getting nowhere, I have
finally been shown what colours actually suit me.
Louise Barretto - Solicitor - Hampton

Have leaned so much and everything is so easy to understand.  Iím
feeling confident.  I understand so much more about myself, my style,
my wardrobe.  I want to go shopping!  Iíve thoroughly enjoyed myself! 
Thank you so much!
Jane Simpson - Mortgage Advisor - Sunbury

Learned so much about colour today.  Thank you so much Isabel.  Loved
my morning with you and really loved learning about all the different tones
and mixing and matching
Irene Monteith - Patissier - Hersham

Thank you Isabel for such a brilliant experience.  I have learned so much
and will definitely experiment with colour more now and in the future. 
Now I know what colours suit me!  Less black and more red!  Canít wait
to go shopping!
Holly Franklin - Clinical Coder - London N4

An awesome experience!  A real revelation to me - Iíve always been quite
scared of colours, especially mixing colours together.  Now I've learned
what suits me!  Itís something I will carry with me forever!  Thanks xx
Rebecca Williamson - Fundraising Manager - Enfield

Great insights!  Made me understand my body shape and what I need to
do.  Looking forward to some shopping now!  Thanks.
Gauri Chandra - Project Manager - Leatherhead

Hello Isabel, I wanted to thank you for the other day.  It was such a lovely
pampering experience.  Iím using the make-up every day and I really feel
better when I look in the mirror!
Blanca Sanchez - Interior Designer - Weybridge

Hi Isabel, Thanks very much for the info, I went on a clothes shopping
spree recently (long overdue!)  I have many more options now, with
much more variety of colour at my disposal.   Thanks a lot... I'm really
glad I did the consultation.
Alan Keachie - Manager - Esher

Thank you so much!  My colours session has been so useful.  Iíd
recommend it to anyone.  I found colours I would never have considered
in my wardrobe before.  Iím looking forward to my body shape session
Heather Cole - Wedding Planner -  Aldershot

I now know what to pack for my honeymoon!  I will also remember my
Ďgolden rulesí for trousers and skirts.  Thank you for another great
Kirsty Walker -  Sales Executive - Walton on Thames

Thank you so much Isabel for a thoroughly enjoyable colour party on
Saturday!  The feedback from my friends afterwards has been fantastic! 
We all look forward tremendously to the next group session on style!  If
you're looking to do something a little bit different and special for your
friends instead of just doing lunch again, you couldn't choose better than
have Isabel share her expertise on colour, make up and style.
Kate Boswell - Photographer - Hampton

Dear Isabel, My look is complete!  Thank you very much.  My 17 year old
is quite envious and amazed at my good taste in make-upÖ.I havenít yet
told her that it is all down to you!  See you soon.
Kathy Heuval - Teacher - Mickleham

A total new way to dress!  Canít wait to buy my colours and put outfits
together.  Lovely make up which I canít wait to buy!  Thanks.
Louise Redman - Personal Assistant - Byfleet

Had a really enjoyable day learning about style. It was interesting to learn
what styles of clothes to choose for work.  Looking forward to our
shopping trip!
Kathryn Popplestone - Lash artist & Business Owner -

Isabel, thank you SO much for our session yesterday - I found it such fun
and also professional & informative!  Plus I really appreciate you taking
the time out to start me on my journey of personal branding - my head
was flying with ideas last night! 
Robyn Hatley - Business Advisor & Coach - Sunbury

Hi Isabel, Many thanks for coming along last week.  All the ladies enjoyed
it and have asked me to thank you again for the time you spent with us
and the effort you put in to make the afternoon such a good one.  They
have already been shopping and having fun trying to get to grips with all
the colours!
Martina Langford - Administrator - Englefield Green

Having been stuck in a make-up rut for the past 20 years, I booked a one
hour make-up lesson with Isabel....and was simply delighted with the
results. She showed me 3 different looks, all of which were completely
transformed me!  I was so delighted by her expertise that I am booking a
full image consultancy session with Isabel, so that she can work her
magic on me from top to toe.  
Sam New-Fielding - Director - Walton on Thames

Itís a very personal service and nothing is rushed.  You took the time to
listen.  Itís high quality and excellent value for money.  I would definitely
recommend you to my friends and family. 
Valita Fakir- Civil Servant - Hounslow

Just to say how much I enjoyed your speaking slot at the event on the
19th November in Woking.  Business Link really appreciate your
contribution and how it inspirers women to take their next steps in
business.  Once again many thanks.
Roz Maher - Economic Development Manager - Business Link

Iím so glad I did the make-up lesson.  Itís been the best money spent. 
For the first time in my life I can do it myself and that makes me feel
good.  Iím much more confident and many people tell me how good I
Tina Christie - Childminder - West Molesey

Hi Isabel, I wanted to let you both know how pleased we all were with the
colour and make-up hen party on Saturday. The girls thoroughly enjoyed
themselves and got a lot out of your advice - so thank you for making it
such a lovely afternoon. 
Coleen Paterson - Human Resources Advisor - Sunbury

Dear Isabel, Many thanks for a great style consultation session last
week.  I have since spring cleaned my wardrobe and shop with a
stronger sense of purpose!
Julia Healy - Lawyer - Twickenham

Great to have a proper teaching/learning session and not just a pack of
colours to take away!  Good to be tested and have the opportunity to ask
plenty of questions.  Canít wait to go shopping! 
Jo Nicholas - Management Consultant - Camberwell, London

We want to thank you sincerely for the talk and presentation you gave for
us at The Salvation Army...It was a great night and there have been
many great comments and much positive feedback already
received...You made the topic of colour analysis come alive... the
warmth of your personality really endeared you to all the ladies...I was
personally very pleased and felt the evening was a great success...We
do hope that you will be able to give another presentation in the near
Christine - Salvation Army - Staines

Isabel has provided my company with excellent advise and support.  She
has allowed my team and I to fully develop our business opportunities
through subtle but needed changes to style and presentations.  I have no
hesitation in using Isabel for this type of assistance and would happily
use her again.
Nick Thomas - Management Trainer - Walton on Thames

My style update was great fun!  Very interesting.  We looked at my
colours again with advice on the most fashionable shades and styles this
season.  Now I will go and enjoy a fashionable summer.
Gill Dunford - Housewife - Walton on Thames

The session with Isabel was really useful.  I learned a lot about what
clothes suit me best and the Ďunwritten rulesí of what can be worn with
what.  Particularly helpful was the distinction between business casual
and smart casual and what can be worn for each.  I now find choosing
what to buy and what to wear much more straightforward, easier and
enjoyable than before.
Paul Glands - Sales Executive - Walton on Thames

I recently attended a very informative talk given by Isabel to a group of
business people. Besides being very knowledgeable about personal
image, her friendly approach will always put clients at ease, and I would
have no hesitation in recommending Isabel to colleagues and friends.
Mike Gicquel - Employer Relationship Manager - Brooklands

Isabel is very keen to get to know her clients and work with their
personality to ensure they dress and present themselves in the best
possible way.  She often goes beyond the call of duty to offer specific
and individual advice and recommendations to ensure her clients are the
best they can be.  She shows me how to update my look without ignoring
my style preferences and breaking the bank!
Lizz Ashton - Childminder - Molesey

Apart from demonstrating that I could look much better than I would have
believed possible, Isabel is also very perceptive and made some
observations which have changed my self-image and given me much
more awareness of what suits me and what does not.
Judith Davis - Therapist - Woking

Isabel can have a very positive impact how you look and feel about
yourself in a very short space of time!  Isabel's expert knowledge has
enabled me to make the best of my image and develop my sense of
style.  I am now more confident in choosing what to wear and how to
accessorize my wardrobe.  I would recommend Isabel highly to anyone
who would like to make the best of themselves, be able to dress more
confidently and develop their own sense of style.  These are powerful
tools to have which last a life time.
Julia Healy - Lawyer - Twickenham

Isabel has a great eye for detail and is a good listener.  Our make up
session was fun and informative.   Able to easily reproduce the look
afterwards.  Booklet really useful.
Alison Persson - Property Consultant - Surbiton

Isabel is a true expert in her field.  Using her extensive skills and natural
insight she helps you make choices that not only complement your size,
shape and colouring but also express your unique personality.  This
helps to avoid making expensive 'mistakes' and results in a look that is
more authentic, and more you!  Her warm and friendly approach puts her
clients at ease straight away and makes the consultation fun and
enjoyable.  I would have no hesitation in recommending her.
Denise Parker - Therapist - Kingston

Before I visited Isabel my make up routine was limited to black eyeliner
and a touch of red lipstick.  Isabel helped me discover what other colours
I could use to broaden my make up palette.
Sarah Begley - Marketing Executive - Thames Ditton

Isabel is an expert in image consultancy and has the ability to transform
both how you look and feel about yourself.  She is personable and fun, as
well as professional, and so this transformation is also a very enjoyable
Pippa Hall - Management Consultant - Weybridge

Isabel has a down to earth attitude and a very helpful nature. She is
diplomatic and tactful but encouraging at the same time.  I would
recommend her services to anyone in need of a wardrobe makeover to
boost self confidence!
Irene Paterson - Consultant -Stratfield Saye

I would highly recommend a consultation with Isabel.  She immediately
makes you feel relaxed and at ease so that you find the whole process
enjoyable as well as informative. Isabel shows you what works and what
doesn't and helps you make the most of what you may already have in
your wardrobe. She will make you stand out from the crowd because
she brings out the best in you. 
Karen Revell - Career Coach - Twickenham
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