Learn to recognise the different body shapes, scale and proportions.
Understand which styles, fabrics, textures, patterns and cuts are most flattering for your body shape.
Colour, image & style workshops

Workshops are a great way to explore and enjoy our most popular
image consultancy services with a small group of friends.

You can choose between the let’s get colourwise workshop or the
lets’s get stylewise workshop - it’s up to you - but you can be assured
that the atmosphere at an Imagewise workshop is fun, supportive,
encouraging, social and very interactive, so everyone gets involved.  
You’ll learn lots from each other too!

Our workshops are perfect for people who like to learn as part of a group
and would like to experience an Imagewise service with a few friends.

Workshops take place at our studio and have a minimum of 4

Workshop choices:
Let’s get Colourwise
Let’s get Stylewise
Let’s get Colourwise workshop
This workshop will give you confidence in choosing the right colours to suit
your hair colour, skin tone and eye colour.  You’ll have the opportunity to try
the exclusive Colour me Beautiful make up range and you’ll take away a
personalised wallet of 42 colour swatches, with which to go shopping.

Price: £95 per person
Includes: a 42 colour fabric swatch wallet for each person

What we’ll cover on the day:

Discover Your True Colours
How colour conscious are you
Understand your dominant characteristics. 
Discover your key colours.
Learn how to put colours together for a more co-ordinated wardrobe.
Learn how to use colour for maximum impact.
Find out how colour can be used to draw attention, to camouflage, to conceal, to create optical illusions.
Make-up Colours and Application
A stunning new look in your best colours.
Tips on professional make-up application.
Personal advice on recommended make-up colours/shades.
Let’s get Stylewise workshop
At our Let’s get Stylewise workshop, you’ll discover how to dress in the
way which suits your body shape, your lifestyle and personality.  You’ll find
out how to choose the types of clothes which accentuate your good
features and minimise your less-than-perfect areas.  You’ll understand how
to recognise your assets and show them off, be positive and make the
most of what nature has given you.  And we’ll save you £££s when
shopping in the future.  Feel free to bring along some of your own clothes to
understand what’s right (or wrong) about them. You never know, you could
end up swapping your clothes with some of your colleagues and friends!

Price: £130 per person
Includes: a copy of either ‘Colour me Younger’ or ‘Colour me Beautiful’

What we’ll cover on the day:
Find out what your unique style personality is.
How to express your individuality through your wardrobe.
What's your body shape?
The finishing touches
Find out how to accessorise outfits to keep ‘current’ and create the ‘finishing touches’ with hairstyles, glasses and jewellery.
Here’s what our clients have to say about our Colour and Style

I was introduced to Isabel by a friend who hosted a 'colour workshop'.  I,
and the group of friends I was with, enjoyed our afternoon so much that we
then went on to try out the 'style workshop' a few weeks later.  Isabel is a
knowledgeable advisor on all types of styles and colours whether you want
a wardrobe for work, something great for a party, or just to look good, yet
be comfortable, when dropping the kids off at school.  I was so impressed
that I have since been to see Isabel for an individual consultation and would
have no hesitation recommending both the workshops and the individual
Sarah Thomas - Manager - Twickenham

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